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Teacups and Lies

First novel of the Spencer's Mill series!

Susannah Reese is a wife and mother in 1886, with three young children still living at home. Her beloved husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her with no provider. She must navigate this crisis, overcoming the laws and customs of the time, which make life overwhelming for a widow with her responsibilities. Just when she thinks she has found a way through -- and a new friend -- she is sabotaged by gossip and lies from an unexpected source. TEACUPS AND LIES is a story of God’s strength, faithfulness, and provision in desperate times. It is about coping with grief, the destructive power of gossip, the triumph of love, and the power of family.

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The Rippling Effect

Second novel of the Spencer's Mill Series!

TWO BROTHERS, John and Eli Reese of Spencer's Mill, Ohio are torn apart in 1887 by John's betrayal and Eli's bitter refusal to forgive.

As John recognizes his wrong and tries to pick up the pieces of his life, danger threatens his family and obstacles block his path. His mother warned him of the rippling effect of his actions, but he doesn't realize the full weight of what he has done until Eli shocks the whole family.


The Rippling Effect is the story of the power of God to heal

hardened hearts and restore family relationships.

The Man with a Mask

Third book of the Spencer's Mill Series

Derek March is a handsome young man in 1895, newly arrived in Spencer’s Mill. All he wants is to settle down with a wife who will care for him, give him a family, and allow him to live a normal, quiet life. He becomes involved in a promising romance with the granddaughter of Susannah and Christian Wolf, prominent residents. But he has a past, and he’s still doing a balancing act. Is he the old Derek, or the new one? Can he keep his past and his present separate by the force of his own will, ignoring the God his parents taught him about as a child? Investigator Phineas Fletcher takes a role.


In this gripping tale, the protagonist embarks on a journey filled with challenges and twists that lead to an unexpected and poignant conclusion. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as the main character faces a fate that defies the conventional notions of a happy ending. It's a story that will linger in your thoughts long after you turn the last page.

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The Phineas Fletcher Mysteries

Phineas Fletcher is a  middle-aged widower living in Spencer's Mill, Ohio in 1887, retired but bored and looking for some excitement. We first met him as a minor character in the novel, "Teacups and Lies." In the sequel, "The Rippling Effect," he stumbled onto a new line of work: private investigator. The rush it gave him was intoxicating.

Now, in this collection of seven adventures, he stars as an inventive, humorous, but compassionate investigator who finds himself called on to solve all kinds of dilemmas he never expects.

You'll enjoy the danger, intrigue, and even romance as he looks to his faith for wisdom and protection.

As for you, the never saw that twist coming!

"...a superbly written suspense-filled book!" - Janice M

"... a page-turner full of emotional twists and intrigue."  - Kim

"Had trouble putting the book down. Wonderfully written, very entertaining." - Mark W

"What a wonderful book filled with love, joy, family, tragedy, and scripture!" - Jean D

"I cannot wait for the sequel." - Shawna K

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