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Breaking News! A New Book Release

Exciting news! My new novel, “The Man With a Mask,” is now available on my website,, under the “Shop” tab.

Dive into the gripping tale of Derek March, a newcomer to Spencer’s Mill, Ohio, in 1895. He is a man burdened by heavy guilt, yearning for redemption, yet refusing to believe that God could forgive what he had done. Follow him as he lives a double life, one side courting a future wife who could provide him with a family and a normal life, the other side trying to keep secret the demons of his past.

Fans of Phineas Fletcher will not want to miss out on this adventure as he is called on to unravel the suspicions surrounding Derek and help mend the torn lives left in his wake.

“The Man With a Mask” is available in paperback or hardcover editions. (The Kindle version can be purchased through Amazon.)

Here’s a snippet of one of the lighthearted moments from the book:

The following Sunday at church, the pastor announced that a community barn dance was being held next Friday at the Wilkinson barn... Carrie’s heart throbbed with the hope that Derek would invite her. Her hopes were realized after the sermon when the Johnson family climbed into the carriage to go home. Derek approached her father.

“Mr. Johnson, may I have a word?”

Johnson turned to him, amused. “What is it, March?”

“I would like permission to take Carrie to the barn dance with me.”

“You may ask her, but it’s her decision.”

Derek lifted his eyes to Carrie, sitting in the back seat of the carriage, eagerly waiting to hear what her father had to say. She wore a broad smile and raised eyebrows. Derek stepped closer to the carriage. “Miss Johnson…”

She turned her face away and fanned herself, still smiling. “Yes, Mr. March?”

“If you’re not busy next Friday night, would you accompany me to the dance?”

“And if I said no?"

His mouth turned into a sly smile. “Then I would have to go alone and dance with every girl there.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Well, then, I guess I had better go so you don’t make a silly fool of yourself.”

“I guess you had better.” They both chuckled.

She became more serious. “Of course, I’ll go with you. What time will you pick me up?”

“I’ll be there at seven, as usual. Wear something pretty so I won’t be embarrassed to be seen with you.”

She snorted. “I have a dress that I wear to mop the floor. It has only one patch on the backside.”

“Caroline.” Her mother’s eyes opened wide at her use of the word ‘backside.’ “Remember, you’re a lady.”

“Sorry, Mother.”

Derek stifled a laugh. “I’ll see you Friday evening.” He patted the side of the carriage in parting before rejoining Mrs. Steuben.


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