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Why I Write Fiction

Everyone loves a good story. That’s one reason why television is so prominent in our culture. Fiction has a valuable place in our lives. Jesus himself told parables—fictional stories—to the multitudes.

I write fiction from a Biblical worldview. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Fiction is a refreshing break from the cares of life—a temporary mental “vacation” and a way to unwind so readers can return to their work refreshed.

  • Fiction can take the reader to places, times, and cultures they would never be able to experience in real life.

  • Fiction is a non-threatening way for people still exploring the faith to see how Christians respond to life situations. Some readers won't pick up a Bible yet but will read an entertaining story with Biblical values.

  • In my books and stories, I like to put people in situations where maturity and divine wisdom are needed, then write those qualities into the plot.

  • I write stories about courageous people making godly decisions, despite knowing they will draw criticism from others.

  • I write about difficult people, how they create misery in other people’s lives, how their relatives and friends deal with them, and what the consequences are.

  • I write about how God works in the background in peoples’ lives, even before they become aware of it.

If you feel guilty about reading fiction, please rethink that. Certainly, you don’t want to let it replace your Bible study. Choose your fiction from writers with a Christian worldview, open your heart, bring your imagination, and enjoy. God may speak to you through a phrase, a story situation, or an idea.

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