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The Rippling Effect

Second novel of the Spencer's Mill Series!

TWO BROTHERS, John and Eli Reese of Spencer's Mill, Ohio are torn apart in 1887 by John's betrayal and Eli's bitter refusal to forgive.

As John recognizes his wrong and tries to pick up the pieces of his life, danger threatens his family and obstacles block his path. His mother warned him of the rippling effect of his actions, but he doesn't realize the full weight of what he has done until Eli shocks the whole family.


The Rippling Effect is the story of the power of God to heal

hardened hearts and restore family relationships.

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I have just finished reading The Rippling Effect. I so enjoyed it and I could not put it down...I am hooked.
– Dixie G.
What a wonderful book filled with love, joy, family, tragedy and scripture!
– Jean D.
This is a heart warming book that grabs your attention right away and keeps you from wanting to put the book down. It’s full of wonderful characters that you learn to love and root for. You read through their heart wrenching twists, turns, and mysteries as it relates to their relationship with God.
– G. Anderson
This book is awesome...I actually can see the events.
– Sylvia R.
I couldn’t put it down until I finished it!
– Linda K.

The Rippling Effect for your Book Club

This book is a sequel to Teacups and Lies, although it makes sense when read independently. The story is about two brothers in the 1880s and 1890s and their struggles in the aftermath of betrayal. One reader remarked that although the story takes place almost 140 years ago, the human condition has not changed, and the range of emotions experienced by the characters are the same emotions we experience today. So if your book club likes to discuss the interaction between characters, the humorous events, or the deadly serious events, you will find The Rippling Effect full of points to discuss.

Free resources for your book club are available by telling us where to email your kit in the box below. You’ll find puzzles based on the story as well as snack ideas for your book club meeting and other information.

You can also book the author for in-person or free Zoom attendance. She can answer your questions in real-time, such as how she came to write this story, what experiences in her life contributed to the plot development, her journey in getting her book published, etc. Click on the CONTACT page to check availability or to ask other questions.

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