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Teacups and Lies

First novel of the Spencer's Mill series!

Susannah Reese is a wife and mother in 1886, with three young children still living at home. Her beloved husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her with no provider. She must navigate this crisis, overcoming the laws and customs of the time, which make life overwhelming for a widow with her responsibilities. Just when she thinks she has found a way through -- and a new friend -- she is sabotaged by gossip and lies from an unexpected source. TEACUPS AND LIES is a story of God’s strength, faithfulness, and provision in desperate times. It is about coping with grief, the destructive power of gossip, the triumph of love, and the power of family.

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This book was so well written that I became part of the story. I can't wait until her next book. I bought a copy for my daughter and I will gift it to her with a teacup and saucer.
- Twink
Teacups and Lies was a page turner full of emotional twists and intrigue...I wanted the story to continue to see what was going to happen in the lives of the characters later on. Hopefully, she will write a sequel.
- Kim
When I first started to read this book, Teacups and Lies, I was leery since the author was unknown. But from the very beginning, I was captivated. It's an excellent read and I found it hard to put down.
– Nancy R.
Had trouble putting the book down. Wonderfully written, very entertaining.  
– Mark W.
I cannot wait for the sequel.
– Shawna K.

Teacups & Lies for your next Book Club!

Whether your group likes to discuss characters and plot, or if you’re looking for examples of wisdom (and foolishness) lived out in the book, Teacups and Lies is a perfect choice for groups enjoying historical fiction. You can get free resources for your book club by telling us where to email your kit in the box below.

You can also book the author for in-person or free Zoom attendance. She can answer your questions in real-time, such as how she came to write this story, what experiences in her life contributed to the plot development, her journey in getting her book published, etc. Click on the CONTACT page to check availability or to ask other questions. Also ask about a discount for your book club.

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