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Character Profile: Phineas Fletcher

If you’ve read “Teacups and Lies,” you’ll remember Phineas Fletcher as the guy trying to push his way into a romance with Susannah Reese and getting rebuffed. If you’ve read the sequel, “The Rippling Effect,” you know Phineas stumbled into a new career as an amateur investigator who helped solve a dangerous crisis for another Reese family member.

Phineas has become one of my favorite characters to write about. His pushy manner is balanced by a soft heart and the willingness to do whatever it takes, however bizarre, to solve his case. In his element as an investigator, he is intelligent, sneaky, brave, and wonderful.

He has come into his own in my third book, which is about to come out this spring. The name of the new book will be “The Phineas Fletcher Mysteries.” It’s a collection of mystery stories, each with an off-beat situation and its own unique twist. They have humor, intrigue, danger, and romance.

You can download a free sample Phineas mystery from my website.

That short story, “The Unlikely Jewel Thief,” will not be included in the book, and it’s an entertaining read. Just open the website, and enter the email address where you want the download sent.

Here’s the backstory: Phineas spent many years of his adult life as a successful salesman of farm implements and small tools, traveling from town to town, taking orders from general stores and private farmers. He had a beautiful daughter, Charlotte. When his wife died a few years after Charlotte’s birth, he was plunged into the life of a single father, raising Charlotte alone. He did a fine job.

Charlotte eventually became the town schoolteacher. When she married Danny Reese, Susannah’s son, a series of events led to Phineas moving into Danny’s childhood home with him and Charlotte. I won’t give the rest of it away. You’ll need to read the next book to find out where his future leads him. It’s tense, dangerous, heartwarming, and occasionally, just plain funny. Enjoy!

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